Lifeguard rescue buoy

Ref: 70620

Designed for sea or fresh water rescue.
Use by lifeguards and people monitoring beaches, lakes, swimming pools…and any water of body.
Its shape and weight have been defined to facilitate a precise throw towards the person in difficulty.
Once the buoy is placed under the person’s arms, the rescuer can pull him towards the boat or the shore.


Made of polyethylene with polyurethane foam filling.

Traction line and shoulder strap.

Dimensions : 670 x 230 x 135 mm
Weight : 1,4 kg

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Rescue line

Throw bag heaving line, very simple to operate : a 20 m retrieval line stowed in a bag, allowing to connect the survivor to the boat.
Equally useful in many circumstances, such as getting a line to a dock, and also in many river leisure activities, such as canoeing, rafting, etc.
The Rescue Line is weighted, so that it can be thrown with accuracy at a reasonable distance, even against strong winds.
It features a grab loop at both ends, enabling both the rescuer and the survivor to remain attached to the line.

Rescue Belt

Manual activation inflatable buoy. Clip it around your waist, it is so lightweight and compact that you forget you are wearing it. If needed, just pull the toggle that triggers the inflation.

Silzig MOB buoy/harness

Complete rescue gear : bridges casualty to the boat, provides buoyancy and helps hoisting casualty back aboard.