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Flushmount safety ladder

Helps any crewmember get back on board easily without external help.
Suitable for current use (bathing) or in case of Man Over Board.
Consists of 3 polypropylene steps and 1 st. steel handle assembled by a highly resistant line, (bright yellow Ø 3 mm polyester). Ladder is stored in a polyamide tube with a grey polypropylene cap, for optimum protection and waterproofness.

The Man Over Board removes the cap, pulls the ladder down, and climbs onboard.

  • Light
  • Very easy flush mount (like a thru-hull fitting).
  • Transom or skirt mount (sail and power boats), just above waterline.

Safety ladder

Designed to increase safety on board, this ladder comes in a canvas bag with 2 handles : one handle to attach the bag alongside the boat ; the other handle for the man fallen overboard to grab : the bag pulls open and the ladder unfolds instantly, helping the person to get back on board easily.