Plastimo’s DNA : Liferafts, harnesses and lifejackets, MOB recovery systems, signalling and survival aids : all you need to enjoy boating safely.

Visual signalling

Anchor ball

Internationally recognised signal
for use when at anchor.
Folds flat for easy storage.

Motoring cone

Indicates use of motor on a sailing boat. Folds flat.
Dimensions, when folded : 47 x 33 cm.

Cyalume lightsticks

Visible over 1 NM. Produces bright light for up to 12 hours to signal emergency.

Navi Light Mini

Compact and sturdy torch. 5 lighting modes, including 1 night vision mode. 

M4-A manual flashlight

LED flashlight, manual activated. SOLAS

Navi Light Glow

Watertight photoluminescent torch with highly luminous white LEDs.

Mini-flares and penjector

Kit includes a penjector and 6 red mini-flares.

Signalling mirror

Very effective signalling device : helps flashing towards search and rescue teams.

Jack A1 automatic flashlight

SOLAS flashlight, automatic and manual. Alkaline battery, light output 4.5 candela.