Plastimo’s DNA : Liferafts, harnesses and lifejackets, MOB recovery systems, signalling and survival aids : all you need to enjoy boating safely.

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Survival equipment

Watertight containers, thermal protective aids, food rations and water, safety knife and signalling : the absolute essentials in your Grab Bag
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Floatation platform AND waterproof container for shockproof storage of survival gear.   SOLAS  

Survival food rations

Survival food rations processed from GMO-free cereals. Readily divided biscuits, vacuum packed. 500 g = 10.200 kJ.

Drinking water

Drinking water in individual foil sachets, for grab bags & professional rescue or humanitarian operations. SOLAS-IMO MSC- ISO

Cyalume lightsticks

Visible over 1 NM. Produces bright light for up to 12 hours to signal emergency.

Floating safety knife

Floating knife with rounded blade for extra safety.
7 cm rigid stainless steel blade, serrated: ideal for rope or net cutting.
Plastic handle.

Safety knife

St. steel blade + plastic non-slip handle. Sharp cutting inside and ergonomic grip ideal in an emergency.

SOLAS insulated immersion suit

SOLAS survival suit provides thermal insulation and buoyancy. 

Thermal protective aid, SOLAS

Foil coated polythene provides maximal protection down to minus 30ºC. SOLAS

Mini-flares and penjector

Kit includes a penjector and 6 red mini-flares.

Thermal protective blanket

Aluminium insulating blanket.
Dimensions: 1.60 m x 2.10 m.

Grab bags

Grab bag including essential emergency contents for 4, 6, 8 or 10 persons. Ideal complement to a liferaft.