Cyalume lightsticks

Essential safety equipment, becomes indispensable for every crewmember sailing at night.
Visible at a distance of over 1 NM, with eyelet to attach to sailing jacket or lifejacket..
100 % reliable, unbreakable, non-corrosive, watertight, floating, nontoxic.
Does not produce any flames or sparkles, nonflammable, does not require any batteries and can be used in a variety of circumstances : Man overboard, gas leak, electricity failure or black-out, engine breakdown, windward use, in or below the water, mooring light...


Ref. Model Run time Units in box
301487 Green lightsticks (x 2) 12 hours 1 set of 2 lightsticks
19668 Green lightstick (x 10) 12 hours 10 lightsticks
65933 Display box* with 24 green lightsticks 12 hours 24 green lightsticks
38847 3 assorted lightsticks : white, red, green White : 8 hours / Red & Green : 12 hours 1 set of 3 lightsticks
*Display box can be refilled with any colour lightsticks


  • Floating stick 24 x 2 cm, with attachment eyelet
  • Produces a bright light instantly.
  • Minimum range 1 NM.
  • Phthalate-free.