Drinking water

Drinking water ideal for use in grab bags in recreational boating, offshore racing, professional rescue operations or humanitarian missions.

Come in 125 ml individual portion sachets in aluminium coated polyethylene.

SOLAS 74/96



Description Ref. Units in box
1.5 L bag water (12 x 125 ml in foil coated PE sachets) 300448 1.5 L white bag
0.5 L bag water (4 x 125 ml in foil coated PE sachets) 35541 28 x 0.5 L white bags
3 L bag water (24 x 125 ml in foil coated PE sachets) 21368 5 x 3 L transparent bags


Ref. 300448 provides the quantity of drinking water required in a grab bag per person (1.5 L) by the majority of racing classes or organisations.
Extremely pure water, treated and processed in our workshops under the strict control of an independent health protection certified organisation.
Best-before date : 5 years.

Compliant with : SOLAS 74/96, IMO MSC 48(66) LSA, ISO 18813
Bureau Véritas approved.

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Why should I take water in sachets on board, rather than a plain bottle of water ?

Drinking water processed in vacuum sachets is submitted to a special treatment which guarantees that the water will remain totally bacteria-free for 5 years, whatever the temperature fluctuations (from -30 to +40°C). Standard drinking water in bottles will remain pure for 2 years maximum.

The 3-layer highly resistant packaging film contributes to the anti-bacteria protection over time and it also provides a high mechanical resistance : water sachets are designed to resist the high degree of compression in a liferaft and also resist a 35 m high drop (SOLAS standard), without leaking or bursting. 

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