Mini-flares and penjector

Ref: 300575

Kit includes an anodised aluminium penjector and 6 red aerial flare cartridges.
Each flare, ejected at a height of 50 m, burns for 4 seconds at 5.000 candela.

Penjector can be refilled, with a kit of 9 mini-flares (either red, or anti-collision white).


Distress signals and flares must be used with safety precautions :

  • Wear protection gloves before you pull the ignition system
  • Never point a distress flare at a person
  • Hold the flare downwind at arm's length above the water
  • Do not look at the burning flare, turn your head
  • When burning is over, put it in a bucket of water to cool down. Keep it on board until you bring it back to a bespoke collection station.
  • Never use a flare that has past its expiry date.