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Tethers & jacklines

A tether is the indispensable accessory to a lifejacket or safety harness. Fixed, elastic or both strand versions. Choice of 3 hooks. RORC-RSO2018 compliant strain indicator. ISO12401 approved.

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Tether with 3 premium aluminium safety hooks

One-piece webbing tether. 2 strain indicators. Aluminium safety hooks. RORC-RSO 2018

Tethers with premium aluminium safety hook

2 or 3 aluminium premium safety hooks. Strain indicator. RORC-RSO 2018

St. steel safety hook tethers

Tethers with 1, 2 or 3 self closing stainless steel safety hooks. Strain indicator. 

Tethers with aluminium safety hook with ferrule

Tethers with 1 or 2 aluminium safety hooks with ferrule. Strain indicator.

Retro-reflective strap jacklines

Ultra-flat polyester webbing, 26 mm wide. Retro-reflective thread optimizes visibility at night. Fixing loops. Breaking strain 2 400 DaN (2 450 kg). Sold by the pair, shackle not included.

Tethers -ISO-, screw-type hooks

3 single tethers (including one Child size) with screw-type hooks.


Polyester webbing, 30 mm wide.
Breaking strain : 2000 DaN.