Polyester webbing, 30 mm wide.
Breaking strain : 2000 DaN.
Sold by the pair
(Shackle or hook not included. Minimum recommended breaking strain for shackle/hook : 2000 DaN.)


Length Colour Ref.
6 m Yellow 36214
7 m Yellow 36215
8 m Yellow 36216
9 m Yellow 36217
10 m Yellow 36218
12 m Yellow 66981
14 m Yellow 62102
6 m White 39447
7 m White 39448
8 m White 39449
9 m White 39450
10 m White 39451
12 m White 66982
14 m White 66983

Plastimo tips & tricks

The installation of jacklines is essential to allow shifting location on the deck, while remaining clipped to a strongpoint at all times. Unfortunately, this vital element of the "harness-tether-jackline" set is often neglected or, worse still, is often the result of a "DIY" assembly done by a non-safety specialist.

Plastimo reminds you the basic rules :
• A jackline must be rigged only on strong points designed for that purpose.
• Strong points must be mounted through deck, with a reinforcing plate below deck, and must resist 3 tons minimum.
• A jackline must run free of knots, and sewn joints must be tested and calibrated. Jacklines should be positioned as far inboard as possible, in order to prevent falling over board.
• Web jacklines will not roll under foot, as opposed to rope. Being made of fibres, jackline webbing is subject to ageing -even with no visible signs- due to UV-rays, sea water and temperature. Ideally, jacklines should be taken down, rinsed and stored in a dry place for wintering. Still, we stronly recommend to replace them regularly ; to be more specific, jacklines must be replaced after a cumulated period of 2 years of outdoor exposure.