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Visibility at sea

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Plastimo floating lifebuoy light


For use with lifebuoys.
Operated without mercure, simply with alcaline batteries, R20 type.
360° arc of visibility.
Optimum visibility : 10 cm free-board above water line.

W3 compact flashing light

Lifejacket LED flashlight (SOLAS), activated when in water. With a variety of mounting accessories.

Navi Light 360° 2 NM

Ultra-bright LEDs in a sturdy casing. 360° / 2NM visibility. Multiple mounting options available.

Stella LED floating lifebuoy light

Very compact lifebuoy light, low power consumption.


4-LED flashlight, floating and waterproof up to 100 m. Ideal for boating, diving, jet ski …

Navi Light 360° S 2NM with dual-function holder

Navi Light 360° with suction-mount holder. Also adapted to fix GoPro® cameras (Hero/2/3)

Compact LED-type lithium lifebuoy light

Ultra-compact floating LED-type flash lifebuoy light.
Activated automatically when the light is pulled from its housing.Powered by lithium battery (5-year run time), no maintenance or remplacement battery required.
Rated among the smallest and lightest lights on the market.
  • Duration : 2 hours minimum.
  • Output : 2 candela minimum
  • Weight : 91 g (light only), 115 g (light and holder).
  • Dimensions : light only 75 x 78 mm (Ø x H) / light with holder 86 x 97 mm
Supplied with polypropylene holder and 1 m lanyard to attach to lifebuoy.

Sea Flash lifejacket light

White LED flashlight for lifejackets, SOLAS approved.

Navi Light Mini

Compact and sturdy torch. 5 lighting modes, including 1 night vision mode. 

Floating LED-type lithium lifebuoy light

Floating LED-type lifebuoy with automatic seawater activation.
Operates with an integrated lithium battery, 5-year run time. Can be stored in any position with no risk of inadvertent activation.
Circuit and lithium battery are sheltered and locked in polyurethane foam to avoid oxydation.
  • Duration : 2 hours minimum in operation mode.
  • Dimensions : 100 x 220 mm (Ø x H).
  • Supplied with holder and 2.65 m lanyard.

Cyalume lightsticks

Visible over 1 NM. Produces bright light for up to 12 hours to signal emergency.

Signalling mirror

Very effective signalling device : helps flashing towards search and rescue teams.

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