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Visibility at sea

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Plastimo floating lifebuoy light


For use with lifebuoys.
Operated without mercure, simply with alcaline batteries, R20 type.
360° arc of visibility.
Optimum visibility : 10 cm free-board above water line.

W3 compact flashing light

Lifejacket LED flashlight (SOLAS), activated when in water. With a variety of mounting accessories.

Stella LED floating lifebuoy light

LED flashing compact lifebuoy light. SOLAS.


4-LED flashlight, floating and waterproof up to 100 m. 150-hour runtime. Ideal for boating, diving, jet ski …

Compact LED-type lithium lifebuoy light

Ultra-compact floating LED-type flash lifebuoy light.  SOLAS

Navi Light Mini

Compact and sturdy torch. 5 lighting modes, including 1 night vision mode. 

Floating LED-type lithium lifebuoy light

Floating LED-type lifebuoy with automatic seawater activation. SOLAS. Lithium battery

Cyalume lightsticks

Visible over 1 NM. Produces bright light for up to 12 hours to signal emergency.

Signalling mirror

Very effective signalling device : helps flashing towards search and rescue teams.

Adhesive reflecting tapes

Adhesive reflective tapes : 45 m roll or pre-cut 20 cm tapes. SOLAS

Dye marker

Marine dye marker used for daytime emergency distress signalling and search and rescue marking.
A person in distress scatters the dye marker on the water when a potential rescue vessel or aircraft appears. It spreads as a brilliant spotting mark, clearly visible as a distress signal for up to an hour, and in good visibility can be seen by aircraft over 10 km away.
Ideal for boating, it is also an extra safety equipment for windsurfing, diving and snorkeling.

Sold in a sealed sachet with fastening lanyard.

Fluorescent storm jib

The storm jib helps stabilising the boat and increases the visibility in foul weather conditions.

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