Water outlet EZ Water

EZ Water : a range that combines efficient installation and perfect integration that matches the boat design and style thanks to the choice of shape and colour.

To combines efficient installation and perfect design, the Ez Water range is also available in showerhead, mixer tap, water intlet and in single housing.

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Sea or fresh water outlet

Used in conjunction with a pump and a thru-hull fitting, the
EZ water outlet produces pressure sea or fresh water on the
deck (to wash the deck, rinse the fish…).

Unit includes :

  • The ABS flushmount housing with splashproof ASA cover.
  • A Stäubli female quick-coupling fitting with integrated nonreturn valve, for connection to a garden hose. Chromed brass construction with st. steel bearings for optimum corrosion resistance.
  • A locking flange.
  • Male 3/4’’ threaded connector to the boat’s water system.

The EZ Water range was developed by the Plastimo R & D team in cooperation with the most prestigious European boatbuilders. In addition to addressing all water applications on deck, it also brings new innovative solutions to mounting issues : only one operator is required to install our EZ units, generating substantial labour and time saving for the boatbuilder.

Watch out for our EZ range extention including Ventilation and Electrical applications.

All essential water functions on deck :

  • Comfort and safety : Splashproof when closed.
  • Stylish design : round or square versions with a choice of 3 colours to match stylishly and fit snugly in any deck or transom of sail and power boats, for a clean uncluttered look.
  • Durable materials : UV-resistant ASA cover withstands temperature variations. ABS built-in housing. Maintenance free.
  • Premium components : Stäubli connectors and A4 Torx screws.

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It’s so EZ !

The clever principle of self-clamping wing lugs eliminates the need to drill 4 holes for fixing screws. The Plastimo innovation consists in integrating originally the A4 Torx stainless steel screws into both sides of the housing, and connecting these screws to self-clamping wings : flush installation in transom or deck only requires a Ø 70 mm hole and tightening of 2 screws from the front of the housing. As screws get tightened, both clamping wings will flip up and pull tight against the back of the bulkhead. This extremely simplified installation process is carried out by one single operator.