FAQs & Tutorials Powerboating

  • Maximum speed for Ski tube

    MAX. SPEED : Adult 35 km/h - Child : 20 km/h

  • Regulation for the practice of water-skiing

    A buoyancy aid, 70 N buoyancy, provided by polyethylene foam (approved in 50 N category).

    ex : Passion buoyancy aid
    Specifically tailored for dynamic sports such as water ski or jet ski :

    • Re-inforced fastening : 4 straps and plastic buckles for snug body fit. Drawstring tightening at hem.
    • Good stomach and chest protection.
    • Cutaway style around the arms for maximum freedom of movement.

    Orange pennant, 2 metres.

    In most European countries, pneumatic towed crafts are subject to a specific regulation. A majority of countries require a quick release device on the tube, and have made it compulsory for the towing boat to fly a 2 m bright orange pennant, giving clear evidence that a pneumatic craft is towed.

    Quick release snap hook (ref. 31425). Compulsory for the practice of water-skiing, wakeboard or any other towable watercraft.

  • Safety equipment for power watercrafts such as jet skis, scooters

    Plastimo recommends the following minimum safety equipment :

    • 1 lifejacket per person,
    • set of 2 red handflares,
    • 1 mooring line,
    • 1 signalling mirror,
    • 1 whistle.