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Register warranty here : liferaft, lifejacket, electronic instrument and others.
Warranty terms and conditions.
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Warranty registration

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Warranty terms & conditions


Goods sold by Plastimo Distribution are subject to the applicable legal warranty.
Some goods may benefit from a contractual warranty covering manufacturing defects and inherent vices in the materials employed. Such contractual warranty may be supplementary to the legal warranty covering such defects and vices. In the case of goods covered by contractual warranty, the conditions and validity periods of this warranty shall be stated in a certificate of warranty that accompanies the delivered goods.

Under this contractual warranty, replacement of defective parts and repairs are carried out free of charge in our workplaces or service centres.

This contractual warranty does not cover:

  • assembly and dismantling costs;
  • damage arising out of improper use (impacts, incorrect power supply, errors in assembly etc.);
  • maintenance defects,
  • damage caused to products through the intervention of an unqualified person;
  • Carriage costs;
  • natural wear.

Contractual warranty shall only apply if its beneficiary complies strictly with the conditions provided in the certificate of warranty. In any case, delivered goods cannot be returned to Plastimo Distribution without its prior approval. Carriage costs for the return of the goods shall be at the buyer’s expense.
Only the replaced part(s) will receive a new contractual warranty covering the specified period of validity.

Liferaft servicing :
Liferafts must be shipped in the original carton, directly to the authorised servicing station.
Quotes should be obtained from the stations.


Please apply to the national Plastimo distributor.

Beacon programming

  • Important: it is imperative to fill in this document and to enclose a valid copy (less than one year) of the MMSI license stating this new beacon. Thank you for making all the necessary steps with your National Frequency Agency before coding operation.
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