Classic electric blower

Selected by boatbuilders for its sturdy construction and durability.

  • Suitable for use in the engine compartment, cabins and damp closets or areas.
  • In the engine compartment : it is essential to start the blower 5 minutes before starting the engine.
  • Its compact design allows installation in different positions and in space restricted areas. Can be mounted along or through a bulkhead, horizontally or vertically. An optional mounting bracket adapts the blower to all mounting possibilities.
  • Sturdy polyamide housing for good shock resistance.

ISO 8846 (ignition protected motor) & ISO 9097 (electrical fan).

  • CE


Power Ref. Output Consumption
12 V 16274 150 m3/h 4 Amp
24 V 16275 150 m3/h. 2 Amp


Any louvred vent designed to fit hose Ø 70 mm is suitable.

 Along the bulkhead.

Through the bulkhead.

Mounting bracket. 

Technical documentation & diagrams

Plastimo tips & tricks

Hints to select the right bilge blower

  • Bulkhead-mount : the ideal option if installation is complex and connectors are numerous.
  • In line : the simplest and the most economic option, ideal in plain configurations without multiple elbows and connectors. Will usually have a longer lifetime than other models, with a reduced power consumption.