Deck shower set

  • Comfort and safety

Functional and safe hinged cover. When closed : a “click” confirms that the cover is tightly closed, thus preventing the shower hose from uncoiling and potentially getting
caught in the propeller. Splashproof when closed. When open : “clicks” hold the hinged cover open. The shape of the shower housing has been contoured specifically to avoid the showerspray being accidentally activated.

  • Stylish design

Available with white or chrome cover, the housing fits snugly in any deck or transom of sail and power boats, to give a clean uncluttered look.

  • Simple installation

Flush installation in transom or deck only requires a Ø 70 mm hole, easily done with a hole saw. The housing requires minimal depth for installation and accepts most existing shower heads.

  • Durable materials

UV-resistant ASA cover withstands temperature variation. 316 stainless steel axis. Maintenance free.



Ref. Colour Description
62017 White White housing + white plastic shower spray head + 3 m hose
62020 White White housing + metal colour plastic shower spray head + 3 m hose
62273 White White housing + chrome-plated metal shower spray head + 3 m hose
62019 Chrome Chrome housing + chrome-plated plastic shower spray head + 3 m hose

Technical documentation & diagrams