Water on Board
Water on Board

We all love water… except in the boat : Plastimo proposes a full range of bilge pumps, scuppers, valves and thru-hulls. Water on board, as Plastimo sees it, is also  essential to comfort and comes as products or  systems for fresh water storage and waste water treatment. 

Range overview

Manual bilge pumps

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Diaphragm pumps

Corrosion, electrolysis and fuel resistant bilge pumps.

Pump 925 and 1038 : with telescopic handle

Bilge pump with telescopic handle, for efficient and more comfortable pumping.

Pump 925C & 1038C : compact with integrated handle

Very compact pump with the handle integrated in the cover.

Diaphragm pump, manual

Bilge diaphragm pump,manual.  0.5 L output. Sturdy plastic + stainless steel construction

Viking Universal manual bilge pump

Bilge and waste water diaphragm pump, hand-powered. Horizontal or vertical surface mount.

Fittings for Plastimo bilge pumps

Polyethylene fittings for 925 and 1030 Plastimo pumps.

Accessories for Plastimo blue bilge pumps

Accessories for Plastimo blue bilge pumps.

Spares for 925 & 1038 pumps

Spares for 925 and 1038 bilge pumps.

Spares for Plastimo blue pumps

Spare parts for Plastimo blue pumps.

By-Pass connector

By-Pass adapts on pumps 925 & 1038 or 925C & 1038C.

Bulkhead gasket for bilge pump

Watertight gasket with cover (IOR compliant) for bilge pump

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