Water on Board
Water on Board

We all love water… except in the boat : Plastimo proposes a full range of bilge pumps, scuppers, valves and thru-hulls. Water on board, as Plastimo sees it, is also  essential to comfort and comes as products or  systems for fresh water storage and waste water treatment. 

Range overview

Pressure water system pumps

Aqua King™ pumps

Water pumps with a 3 or 4-chamber pump head. High flow, minimum noise and vibration.

Nautilus pump

Ccompact version pump for single fixture application. 

Accumulator tanks

Pre-pressurised tank reduces the cycling pulsation and pressure spikes.

Water pump systems

Self-priming pumps. Housing construction reduces noise and vibrations.

12 V water pump system + 8 L accumulator

12 V fresh water pump (17 Litre/min open flow) equipped with 8 Litre accumulator tank.

Aqua Jet Water Pump System

5-chamber system pump : silent operation and smooth flow. 

Flow Master variable flow pump

5-chamber pump with flow control that adapts to taps being used.

Aqua Jet Duo : Pumps + accumulator tank

2 Aqua Jet WPS pumps, pre-assembled with a filter and a 2-L accumulator tank.

Accumulator tank

2 -Litre capacity accumulator tank for Johnson Pumps..

50 micron strainers, st.steel

Prevent intrusion into the pump of any debris bigger than 50 µ.  

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