Water on Board
Water on Board

We all love water… except in the boat : Plastimo proposes a full range of bilge pumps, scuppers, valves and thru-hulls. Water on board, as Plastimo sees it, is also  essential to comfort and comes as products or  systems for fresh water storage and waste water treatment. 

Waste water tanks

Hold-down kit for tanks and rigid canisters

2 straps with clips + 4 hold-down clamps to secure tanks and rigid canisters. 

Vertical holding tanks

Tanks feature a through-cap for 3/4 full level indication.

Horizontal holding tanks

Waste water tanks in high-density polyethylene.

Holding tanks with 12 V pump

Tanks with a 12V discharging pump.

Fittings and connectors

Y connectors, fittings with straight, 90° or 120° shape.

Gauge & level sensor

For waste water holding tanks

Spare plate (for waste water tanks)

Plate for waste water tank.

Hold-down kits for tanks and canisters

4 screw-type brackets and webbing strap to secure rigid tanks and canisters.