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The right course

for 6O years!

About us

Plastimo is an emblematic brand of the boating industry, offering innovative equipment solutions to recreational boaters andmarine professionals worldwide.



Our values


Our proprietary ranges carry the DNA of the Plastimo brand
and are complemented by a selection of premium specialist brands.

A comprehensive offer of 12,000 products which reflect the core values that boost the Plastimo crew, like cardinal points as fundamental benchmarks :


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Article image 2

At Plastimo safety is a commitment at the brand's DNA, as evidenced by the latest lifejackets, lanyards and harnesses born in the Lorient R&D department. This has been the company's philosophy for 60 years.



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At sea, safe is simple. The most innovative product is only valuable if it is intuitive to use. This is what Plastimo is all about, every day, to be able to offer you a range of products at the cutting edge of maritime technology, in line with our values, our expertise and our 60 years of knowledge.


Enjoy boating with us

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At Plastimo, we never lose sight of your goal: the pleasure of enjoying the sea with confidence. Whether you are a yachtsman who wants to make a success of his family cruise, a sailor who doesn't give up or a professional who wants to satisfy his customers, with Plastimo, the sea smiles at you!


Premium service to the trade

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Plastimo is attentive to changing habits, to the evolution of boats and to the demands of its customers. Our presence on the market for 60 years gives us a maturity and a perfect knowledge of the needs of the network and the boaters.


& development


years’ experience




specialized brands

Plastimo has its own in-house R & D team, composed of engineers and technicians with complementary skills. Their respective fields of expertise, combined with agility and marine usage knowledge allow us to investigate a product in its global environment and to develop a complete solution. Our crew excels in hi-tech fabric welding and sewing technologies, inflatable structures, composite materials precision assembly…very different technologies side by side in our design bureau, reflecting the very different products, materials and functions that one also finds on a boat.




  • 1963

    Plastimo was born  with the growth of modern recreational boating
    In 1963, Antoine Zuliani believes that a real opportunity exists to make yachting more accessible to a larger public and creates Plastimo on the Lorient fishing harbour. 
    A 24-page catalogue showcasing 80 products : Plastimo enjoys a 25 to 30 % growth every year until 1975 and employs 35 people in 1964.
    The "Plein Ciel" buoyancy aid is a must-have on board and becomes the uniform standard in the most prestigious French sailing schools until the '80's.

  • 1970

    Safety at sea
    The brand's DNA stands out immediately. Plastimo's awareness grows quickly in France with lifejackets and fenders. The initial family business turns into an industrial company with its own R & D department. Plastimo is awarded the Hermine d'Or de l'Exportation in 1970 (golden award for export activity).
    The catalogue now features 2000 products out of which 85 % are manufactured in Lorient by a 150-staff team.

  • 1972

    Jeweller's craftmanship and compass precision from our Lorient workshop

    The Navigation department is created in 1972. The launching of the Contest compass is a major milestone : the first magnetic compass entirely manufactured in plastic materials, featuring the unique double reading (from both cockpit and cabin). This ambassador product contributes largely to the brand's nternational awareness and positions Plastimo as the first European compass manufacturer. 
    In 1974, the compass range includes 20 models made from complex composite materials, specifically designed for recreational boating and costing 3 to 4 times less than traditional instruments in brass and mineral glass. 

  • 1979

    First liferaft
    Capitalising on its unique experience in sewing and welding coated fabrics, Plastimo innovates and launches its patented tube-within-a-tube construction. 
    This technology is still exclusive today and guarantees technical reliability and durability. From then on, Plastimo will always be THE pioneering liferaft manufacturer who innovates and sets the tone in the industry : vacuum-packed liferaft, assisted firing head...

  • 1992

    Compass design wins awards
    The Offshore compass is awarded first prize for Industrial Design from professional jurys in France, Germany, USA and Japan.

  • 2000

    Pioneering the inflatable lifejacket technology
    Anticipating the future of safety on board, Plastimo launches its first inflatable lifejacket model : the Admiral lifejacket. 
    French authorities will authorize inflatable jackets on French recreational boats only in 1995 : Plastimo already has a complete range on shelf, validated and appreciated by export customers. 

  • 1998

    Plastimo pioneer partner of Lorient, epicentre of the Sailing Valley 
    Right from the very inception of a professional racing hub in Lorient - La Base, Plastimo is at the forefront of the project. Factory and offices are historically there and Plastimo organises its international logistic platform in bunker K2.

    The Plastimo factory in Lorient becomes ISO 9001 certified for the design, manufacture and servicing of liferafts.

  • 2016

    Around the world with one single compass ! 
    Plastimo is the first compass manufacturer who integrates universal balance technology on its compass (i.e. double-dip) : a real technical achievement which facilitates product management for the trade and makes choosing the right compass a no-brainer for round-the-world sailors. 


  • 2022

    SLR196 : first inflatable lifejacket with integrated AIS beacon and quick deflation and easy control valve system, developed in cooperation with professional skippers. 
    Specific liferaft is developed for Class IMOCA racing boats : building on professional skippers' feedback, the Plastimo R&D constantly adapts and upgrades the products.
    Plastimo co-develops a collection of seawear with sister company Typhoon and distributes clothing and protection accessories for offshore and shore sailing. 

  • 2023

    60 years summed up in a few figures
    100 empoyees in Lorient with perfect 50-50 gender equity.
    Plastimo sells to 98 countries, achieving 40% turnover on export markets. 
    Catalogue now features 600 pages and 13,000 products. 
    5 million compasses sold worldwide.
    60 years after the company was created, Plastimo remains true to its original identity : designer, manufacturer and distributor. 
    The right balance between products designed and manufactured internally, products designed in Lorient and manufactured by sub-contractors, and bought-in products from prestigious brands who trust Plastimo as the expert  of the international boating market.

Our worldwide network

We have a strong presence in France and in Europe. We benefit from a worldwide distribution network.

An international scale

Nearly half of our activity is carried out abroad, notably through famous distributors in countries with a strong maritime vocation.


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Our emblematic products


While compasses, lifejackets and liferafts have built Plastimo's reputation worldwide, our ranges also include deck, anchor and on-board comfort equipment. These proprietary ranges designed by Plastimo carry the brand's DNA and are complemented by a selection of famous specialist brands.

  • Liferafts
  • Compasses
  • Lifejackets